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Today, we have the token and privilege to travel around the world with ease. With a series of ways to be able to explore, it is now the world that awaits your visit. From long drives to flights, you can guarantee that you can make and capture new memories. As you learn more about the culture of another country, you also realize that you discover more about yourself. Traveling has become more accessible than you know. Thus, start your journey today by having cheap airfare tickets.

We live in such a beautiful planet that is full of diversity. Differences are observed starting from one’s language and culture up to their food, environment, and destination. This reality makes traveling a spectacular experience. Whether you’re visiting a country for the first time or for multiple times, each of your visits will feel like a new one. Every experience that you encounter will exceed your expectations.

However, as much as you would want to book that flight, we must face the fact that flying doesn’t come cheap. It is one of the most significant factors to consider when setting your travel budget. If you didn’t have enough savings, you can’t go to your dream place. Still, you should never limit and allow you to enjoy and have fun sometimes. This kind of dilemma is familiar to most people who want to treat themselves but doesn’t want to empty their savings. No need to worry! Give yourself what you deserved by going for cheap airfare flights.

Why Europe Should be Your Next Destination

When asked why you should choose Europe, the reasons come in pages. If you travel for history, architecture, cuisine, landscape, climate, or even safety, this continent is the cultural powerhouse of the Western world with everything that you are looking for!

Europe is the second smallest continent in the world. However, its small space does not limit the travel experience you will enjoy your visit. The continent has 27 countries that vary in their travel niche. Thus, you can ensure that you will find something to love for every state. Also, traveling to Europe is perfect for both long and short trips that you must at least see even once in your lifetime.

Whether you’re now ready to plan or is still hesitant to go, here are some of the reasons why you should pick the European continent as your next destination:

  1. History and Archeological Highlights

Sometimes traveling is about looking back and appreciating what happened in the past. With this, you’ll be able to realize the changes and developments that surround you. This tour is perfect for you to reflect on what you have become and what you aspire to be.

Most of the ancient cities around the world are in Europe. Starting from the Eternal City of Rome to the Parthenon Temple of Athens, visit its wonder and story. This archeological tour allows you to see remarkable coliseums, monuments, and temples that would take you back in time!

  1. European Art Throughout Time

As shown in films, TV series, and documentaries, Europe has some of the most beautiful theaters across the globe. With hundreds and thousands of masterpieces in Italy to the Musee du Louvre with more than 380,000 displays and objects and 35,000 works of art, who wouldn’t want to get lost in the cultural wonders and creative expressions in Europe?

Whether you are an artist or an art appreciator, Europe is the best place to broaden your perspective. Europe is one of the pioneers in the development of art. That’s why this is your go-to place to visit the carvings made since 38,000 BC and the murals and street art today. This continent is also the place to visit paintings made by widely-known artists, including Picasso, Monet, and da Vinci.

For this reason, you could visit museums and architectures around the area that become an essential part of art history. Similarly, you could also choose to strike a pose and take selfies beside these artworks to update your social media. Art is everywhere in Europe. Thus, this is the place to find inspiration and create new perspectives. A journey to Europe is also a way to broaden your knowledge and develop your art skills.

  1. Western Cuisines to Try

If you are hungry for a food adventure, then now is the right time to avail a cheap airfare to Europe. Due to the diversity of each European states, there is a long list of all the foods to try. You can start with the classics and eat some of the meals, including waffle, pizza, pasta, crepe, and goulash.

In Belgium, no dish is more iconic than the Belgian waffle! Although many tourists from North America recognize Belgian waffles as a pastry that drowns in syrup, it is a little street food with plain or small amount of whipped cream and sliced strawberries and blueberries on top. Yum!

As for cheese lovers out there, maybe you should book your ticket to Switzerland today and have a taste at the traditional Swiss fondue made with Emmental and Gruyère cheese. Served with crusty bread like a French baguette and white wine on the sides, you are sure to taste serious gooey heaven on Earth!

Each of states and cities has their food specialty that stands out and most sought-after by tourists. As a result, your taste buds will enjoy the treat provided by these countries!

  1. Safe and Secured Travel Experience

Europe is one of the recommended places to go for both solo and group travelers. Going on a trip, especially when visiting the country for the first time, is both a scary and thrilling experience. Spending a few days, weeks, or months on a country that you are not familiar with is one of the reasons why people choose not to travel. However, once in your lifetime you must learn to step out of your comfort zone and explore the world beyond your borders!

To ensure your safety, you should check and guarantee the places that you plan to visit. Most European countries are safe for travelers- including you. They have an efficient healthcare system, stable government, and economy, as well as low crime rates. With this, it becomes doubtful to encounter security issues and problems. Lastly, the adaptation of the euro by EU member states makes it convenient for shopping. The use of euro currency is safer for you to transact and buy things.

  1. Stress-Free Transportation

The European continent is known for its compact geography. This characteristic makes it easier to visit each state in the region. That’s why whether you are planning to stay for a short or long visit, it becomes possible to journey on as many countries that you could. Similarly, Europe has efficient and well-developed transportation for you to enjoy your vacation. This also contributes to the enjoyable aspect to enjoy your trip. When transporting from one state to another, the best way is to choose cheap to fly. This trip allows a delightful sight around the area without having additional expenses in your transportation.

  1. Customs and Traditions

How about the specific customs that Europeans embrace? Although some traditions are weird across Europe, it serves as the glue that binds their nation together. Did you know that you can throw tomatoes at people when you’re in Spain? Although nobody can narrate how the tradition started, most participants do it for the sake of pure fun.

Meanwhile, in the Czech Republic, men whip women using willow branches during Easter Mondays to ensure vitality and fertility. While it is a custom which you can consider as cruel or weird, women reward their whippers by giving colored eggs for young men and shots of traditional alcohol for older ones.

But wait, there’s more! For both men and women in Scotland, their wedding day is not the usual classic wedding dress, sweet pastry cake, and fantastic venue. They have a pre-wedding ritual where they cover the bride with soot, spoiled milk, flour, feathers, sauces, and some disgusting things. Traditionally, the Scots perform the custom to ward off evil spirits before the nuptials.

  1. Cities and Festivals

Planning your trip to Europe is daunting and overwhelming, given the several picturesque landscapes to see. If you find it challenging to decide which European country to visit and spend your vacation, you can consider the famous festivals and cities in the continent that intrigue you. There is an ocean of options since Europe is the continent with the one-of-a-kind festival calendar and scenic spots.

From folk art to cultural festivals to metal music and modern art, these festivals in Europe can add fun to your holiday! For instance, you can celebrate one of the largest festivals in Europe in the southern regions of Netherlands where the theme involves role reversals and suspension of social norms. Since it is the foremost dance festival in Europe, you would not come out unamazed.

Meanwhile, who would not want to spend St. Patrick’s Day in the heart of Ireland? It is an annual festival that takes place during March 17 to celebrate the Irish culture with dancing, drinking, massive parades, and a whole lot of color green!

Rookie Mistakes to Avoid While Travelling to Europe

Backpacking in Europe is magical. With the intoxicating blend of rich culture and history, exciting outdoor activities, and scenic landscapes, every traveler would want to discover more things in Europe. However, your unforgettable travel might do a 180-degree turn if you fall prey to some common mistakes travelers commit during trips in the continent. Although you can never forget riding a gondola through the canals of Venice or seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time, one little misstep can tarnish your once-in-a-lifetime experience. To avoid the stress of traveling, here are some what-not-to-do tips to ponder while you are preparing for the European trip that can help you save time, money, and energy.

  1. Not Buying Travel Insurance

If you cannot find time to invest in travel insurance, then you are not fit to travel. Although Europe is a safe and secure place, unforeseen health conditions and emergencies may occur while you are on the road. Local insurance does not cover health issues and illnesses that happened abroad, so it is best to purchase travel insurance. You wouldn’t want to spend a considerable lump sum only because you chose not to buy one.

  1. Renting a Cab When It’s Not Necessary

Most European countries have reliable and efficient public transportation system as soon as you set foot on their land. If you are planning to hit the famous spots in Europe, you do not need to splash out some Euros for an expensive car rental because buses and trams will take you to your destination. Also, not taking a cab can give you a more tourist feel, while you save some hard cash by avoiding high fares. If there is an option to walk around the city, grab the chance, so you would not miss the experience of strolling around the historic streets of the area.

  1. Exchanging Money at the Airport

It is a major no-no to exchange your money to the airport. Why? While many European countries use Euro as their currency, not all do. For instance, the United Kingdom uses British pound GBP, while Switzerland’s currency is Swiss francs CHF. The European currency is confusing so make sure to manage your money and avoid giving a massive tip. Wait until you get to the city or town before exchanging your money to Euro. Or, you can get a bank account or credit card which offer overseas withdrawals.

  1. Disregarding Cultural Nuances

Europe is a big continent with different countries with its own culture and social mores. Never underestimate the cultural nuances in Europe to avoid offending or berating the locals. For example, not all countries in Europe accept the tipping culture. Or, a traveler might take offense if you refer to Britain or the United Kingdom as England. Referring to a Scot or a Welsh person as English can also cause a stir. Thus, it is essential to understand the different cultural beliefs in Europe the best that you can.

  1. Sticking to European Destination Hotspots

One of the common mistakes that first-time travelers commit is not adding smaller cities and towns to their itineraries. They tend to stick to Paris, London, or Rome, which are famous for an excellent reason. But if you want to maximize your travel budget, travel is less expensive and less well-known areas in Europe that also embodies magic, warmth, rich culture, and historical vibrancy.

  1. Underestimating the Size of Europe

Europe might look small on the map or globe, but it is a big land that you cannot cover all in one trip. To get the most out of your vacation, you should decide which part of Europe you need to see more thoroughly rather than seeing more fleetingly.

How to Find the Cheapest Flights to Europe

Although it is a common knowledge that planning a multi-city Europe trip is expensive, it is cheap to fly to different countries in the continent if you dodge typical tourist hotspot including Paris and London. Cheap airfare flights mean more countries to travel. Getting creative on your itineraries can help you avoid high prices and snag some discounted deals. Here’s what you need to know in finding cheap flights to Europe:

  1. Book your flight in advance

It is easy to find cheap flights for your Eurotrip during the summer season. But booking last minute does not deliver the best deals. Some airlines automatically increase their airfare once they sell enough flight seats. You can find the best fares during the prime booking window or four months to at least three weeks before your planned departure.

  1. Choose a less popular airport

If you set your heart on a destination like Paris or Rome, you may want to fly a little out of the way into less well-known airports so you can save big. Also, you can find cheaper flight tickets if you plan to visit less-touristy towns and cities like Prague and Edinburgh.

  1. Stay flexible on departure and arrival date

The price of a flight ticket depends on its popularity. For instance, if you choose to depart on a Friday and return on a Monday, your flight is more likely to get more expensive compared to non-peak periods. If you are flexible when it comes to departure and arrival date and time, you can save a considerable lump sum. Also, not traveling during holidays, weekends, and peak travel times can help you save your hard-earned money and lessen the hassle of jet setting.

  1. Check flights on several search engines

Similar flights can have different prices on multiple travel websites. Do not forget to do some comparative research on various airlines sites and flight aggregators to ensure that you can get the best deal in the market. Once you have recognized the cheapest options across several websites, it is time to cross-reference the prices with the information available on the site of the airline. Choose the price that suits your budget. Often, you can get a better deal on the third-party website for similar flights.

  1. Compare prices of different types of flights

Before you book a flight, it is essential to compare the cost of your trip. Usually, a round-trip flight is cheaper but is not always the case. Make sure that you compare the price of a round-trip ticket to a two-way ticket, so you can get the best deal available. You should also avoid booking flights that arrive early in the morning or late at night. These flights may end up being more expensive since you will need to pay for renting a car to take you to town since public transportation has shut down.

  1. Meet your new friend: LAYOVERS

Direct flights do not come cheap. But if you are willing to divide and conquer your trips, then you are sure to get cheaper deals. If you are not on a rush, and time is not an issue, then a layover is your friend in finding more affordable flights. Although flights with layovers are an unpleasant journey with several hours of waiting at airports, it is often the cheapest way to land in Europe. Most flight search engines can filter the results based on the number of layovers.

  1. Know when to search

Little do some people know, you can get cheaper deals to Europe if you book your flight after midnight. Why? Some airlines reduce the price of their tickets when only a few people scan through their website.

Many airlines fly to Europe. It means that there are many cheap flights that you can find across the web. The prices of trips depend on how long you will arrive at your destination. Changing your departure location can also impact the amount you need to pay. Leaving from less popular airports can mean that there are more layovers but can wind up the high price of lights.

Moreover, its price can dramatically change depending on the season. Of course, flights to Paris during vacation and holiday periods are cheaper than flights to Barcelona in July. You can gain an advantage if you know the seasonal nature of flight bookings.

Another essential note to consider for cheap flights to Europe is an advanced booking. Book your trip as early as possible since the seats can quickly fill up and the discounted deals might disappear in no time. Lastly, use third-party websites and the airlines’ actual website to compare their prices. Most of the time, the price of a flight on the external website is cheaper compared to the price at the actual website. With this, you will not only save your wallets but also refresh yourself from the stress that you encounter daily. Find a platform that offers the cheapest ticket possible today and check that bucket list going to Europe!



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